I make this Mini Lobster Trap Tree in GREEN from over 120 miniature traps. These traps are smaller than the mini traps I make as ornaments. It is larger and  requires more traps than the multicolored tree that I make, hence it is costs $50 more.

It takes me about 30 hrs to make each tree. Making this mini tree is a labor of love. I especially enjoy the smile it brings to people's faces. No one has regretted  buying this one-of-a-kind piece of handycraft-artwork.

The tree stands 14" in diameter and approximately 18" tall.  There is a "back" to the tree, as indicated with a white tab -or where the light box is located.

I string each tree with 100 micro-LED lights that work indoors and outdoors. Plug-in, not battery operated. I get these lights from Ace Hardware (SKU #9438888).

These micro-LED lights come with 16 different settings. There is no ON/OFF button. When plugged in, the lights will default and cycle through all the settings, like a random shuffle.  The white button on the box will change your desired setting. Once you unplug the tree, it will go back to the random shuffle once you plug it back in.

Mini Lobster Trap Tree in GREEN

  • Product will be shipped in 2-5 business days, depending on availability.
    It will be shipped in a box with protective packaging to keep the Tree safe.
    I cannot guarantee product will be available in November & December.

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